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Practical Innovation at BioCon 2003

Conference coverage

News and photos from the conference in San Diego.

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Jim Kent

Jim Kent
Researcher, UC Santa Cruz, 2003 Ben Franklin Award recipient

Lincoln Stein

Lincoln Stein
Researcher, Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Steven Brenner

Steven Brenner
Assistant Professor and leader of a computational genomics research group at the University of California, Berkeley

Francis Ouellette

Francis Ouellette
Director, University of British Columbia Bioinformatics Centre

Alvis Brazma

Alvis Brazma
Microarray Informatics Group Leader, European Bioinformatics Institute

James Gosling

James Gosling
Co-inventor of Java; VP and Fellow, Sun Microsystems

Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram
Creator of Mathematica, author of A New Kind of Science

Damian Conway

Damian Conway
Research Fellow, Monash University

   Conference News.

Feel Left Out? If you missed this year's Conference, but want to find out what was covered, download the presentation files.

Want to view BioCon conference sessions and events in iCal on Mac OS X? Here's how.

An Interview with Lincoln Stein -- In this interview, Lincoln Stein talks about the bioinformatics technologies and tools he's most excited about. Lincoln will deliver a keynote on Bioinformatics: Gone in 2012.

Stephen Wolfram on Bioinformatics -- Biocon keynote speaker and A New Kind of Science author Stephen Wolfram chatted recently with Tim O'Reilly about his research, his new book, and its connection to bioinformatics. Don't miss Stephen's keynote on A New Kind of Science and Foundations For Theory in Biology.

A very good conference!

An Interview with Jim Kent -- Benjamin Franklin Award recipient Jim Kent talks about the future of genomics, modeling biological processes, and open source bioinformatics in this interview on bio.oreilly.com. Kent will accept the annual Bioinformatics.Org award in a plenary session. Save up to $455 when you register by February 1.

Invitation to Attend from Tim O’Reilly & Lorrie LeJeune--In spite of a year of economic uncertainty, biotechnology and bioinformatics continue to experience strong growth, and scientific computing is where the action is. Our BioCon 2003 promises to mine these deep, rich, and stimulating worlds when we convene February 3, 2003 in San Diego.

And the award goes to ... -- Bioinformatics.Org will present its 2003 Benjamin Franklin Award to Jim Kent. Kent is being recognized for developing the GigAssembler, and will deliver a plenary talk titled The Genes, the Whole Genes, and Nothing But the Genes

Lincoln Stein Returns to BIOCON -- 2002 Keynoter Lincoln Stein will return to keynote the O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference in February 2003. Download the presentation file for Stein's 2002 keynote Bioinformatics - Building a Nation from a Land of City States.

Biocon 2002 Coverage -- O'Reilly & Associates' 2002 Bioinformatics Technology Conference brought together over over 700 scientists, researchers, programmers, and bioinformaticians to examine the state of computational biology and learn from each other's study and practice. For a glimpse of the exitement, please visit the O'Reilly Network Bioinformatics Technology Conference Coverage Page.

2002 Bioinformatics Conference Presentation Downloads -- The 2002 Bioinformatics Technology Conference was a successful and exciting interaction between the best and brightest biology and computer science thinkers. To get an idea what to expect for our 2003 conference, many of the presentations are available for download.

Exhibition and Sponsorship -- If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, telephone Andrew Calvo at 707-827-7176, or email .
Download Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus.


The latest tools, methods, and techniques to structure, visualize, and mine biological data.

New applications that deliver methods and strategies for high-throughput analysis and visualization.

Bioinformatics Overview
Solutions and lessons learned from real-world clinical development.

End-User Applications
Solid grounding in essential methods for enhancing researcher experience and results.

System Administration and Infrastructure
Creative methods, techniques, and best practices for building collaborative systems and environments.

Open to all registered attendees and includes an introduction to Bioinformatics.Org, panel discussions, project presentations, and evening meetings.

The I3C track will present updates on the I3C technical work, including the LSID specification.

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