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Practical Tools For Innovation
O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference
January 28-31, 2002 -- Tucson, AZ
Chambered Nautilus

The Exhibit Hall will be open:
     Tuesday, Jan. 29 & Wednesday, Jan. 30
     10:00 am - 4:15 pm
     Indigo & Verbena Rooms


Amersham BiosciencesAmersham Biosciences is a leading global provider of biotechnology systems, products and services for research into genes and proteins, for the discovery and development of drugs, and for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Our products include the Scierra Laboratory Workflow Systems for quality data acquisition in production scale Sequencing, Genotyping, Gene Expression and Proteomic Laboratories.

AppleApple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970's with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980's with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators and creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

Avaki Corporation Avaki Corporation offers the first commercial grid software solution to provide highly secure, virtualized access to data and compute resources in wide-area, multi-platform environments. AVAKI allows enterprises to capitalize on the true power of grid computing, accelerating time to market and increasing ROI on existing computing infrastructure.

BioInform NewsletterBioInform Newsletter--Since 1997, bioinformatics professionals around the world have relied on BioInform for exclusive, up-to-the-minute coverage of trends in life sciences computing. These elite practitioners know there is no substitute for the behind-the-scenes reporting and expert analysis delivered every week in BioInform. is a non-profit organization which promotes freedom and openness in bioinformatics by providing free and open resources for the further development of such. The community has more than 1,200 members and almost four dozen resources and projects for research, development and information.

CollabNetCollabNet develops collaborative networks that enable companies to share code within an enterprise, to give select customers and business partners access to code, or to open the code to the wider open source community. These solutions are designed for facilitating software development across globally disparate communities and enabling corporations to reduce costs and increase revenues. Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, established CollabNet in July 1999. For more information, see

CompaqCompaq Computer Corporation supplies high performance solutions for a wide range of Life Science organizations and is a critical partner for researchers who are working to improve human health. Compaq stands as the leading supplier of computing systems for Life Science research, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

DNA Tools. dnaTools is the creator of dnaLIMS, a web based LIMS for data collection, management, and analysis of DNA sequencing requests and results. dnaLIMS creates sample sheets for 310, 373, 377, 3100, 3700, and CEQ2000 sequencers. dnaLIMS creates reaction sheets, processing reports, and invoices. Data is stored in flat file, MySQL, or Oracle DDB's. dnaLIMS interfaces with Phred, TraceTuner, Blast, Sequencher, and GCG.

Genome Technology MagazineGenome Technology Magazine--Put your finger on the pulse of the new biology. Genome Technology is the only monthly magazine focused on the technology and business of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. Its readers are an elite audience of genomics scientists and technology professionals worldwide. Genome Technology takes you inside the minds, the methods and the machines shaping the new biology. has quickly become the leading source of genomics news for tens of thousands of life science professionals. With updates throughout the business day,'s team of expert journalists delivers high-value, forward-looking reports on the business and technology of genomics.

Geozpiza Geospiza, Inc. produces high quality data management systems for high-throughput research. In this endeavor, we are reengineering bioinformatics programs to improve their performance and usability. We also develop educational materials that use bioinformatics to teach molecular biology, thus helping biologists employ the full power of bioinformatics as an experimental tool.

Hewlett-Packard Company Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services -- is challenging for leadership in the Life Sciences markets. HP had total revenue of $45.2 billion in its 2001 fiscal year. Information about HP world-class Supercomputers, Servers, and Workstations running UNIX, Linux, and Windows can be found at

Heller Ehrman AttorneysHeller Erhman offers a full range of legal services to its life science and bioinformatics clients. These include corporate financing of bioinformatics companies from seed financing to public offering; mergers, acquisitions, and spin-off transactions involving genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical companies; strategic counseling on the establishment of viable informatics patent portfolios; patent infringement litigation; and complex multilateral licensing agreements and informatics research collaboration arrangements among academic institutions and commercial entities. Our clients include large, publicly-traded companies as well as emerging companies and industry and trade associations, among them the following: the Biotechnology Industry Organization, Compugen, Gene Logic, Structural Bioinformatics, DoubleTwist, Tularik, Silicon Insights, Merck, and Predict. Heller Erhman also represents the Open Source Bioinformatics Foundation, which is a participant in the O’Reilly conference.

International Codon InstituteInternational Codon Institute--The Institute is a non-profit educational and scientific entity dedicated to studies and research in Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology. The mission of the Institute is to promote improved understanding of the "Universal Genome". The focus of the Institute is on grad students. "Bioinformatics Benefits the Biosphere!"

Iobion InformaticsIobion Informatics is a bioinformatics software company specializing in software for the analysis of microarray data. GeneTraffic 1.0 software offers data analysis for two-color arrays and is Iobion’s first of many planned product releases. Iobion focuses on customer needs and will continue to provide you, the biologist, with software products that are affordable, powerful, and timely.

Linux NetworxLinux NetworX brings its powerful and easy-to-manage cluster technology to those demanding high performance and high availability systems. Linux NetworX provides solutions for organizations involved in oil and gas exploration, aeronautical and chemical modeling, biotechnology research, graphics rendering and visual effects, Web serving, ISPs, ASPs, and other technological research fields. Through its innovative Evolocity hardware, ICE cluster management tools and professional service and support, Linux NetworX provides industry-leading clustering solutions. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems in the world, and boasts numerous Fortune 500 customers.

LION BioscienceLION Bioscience--provides a fully integrated Life Science Informatics (LSI™) software platform that together with its ID3™ discovery laboratory environment provides i-Biology™ solutions for optimizing and speeding up drug discovery research. At the core of LION's bioinformatics solutions is SRS. Fast and comprehensive internet or intranet based database access and integration from SRS are complimented by the SCOUT range of data analysis tools for sequence analysis, automated gene annotation, comparative genomics and expression analysis. In addition to SRS and the SCOUT range of bioinformatic solutions, Lion’s iDEA Predictive ADME Simulation System predicts the ADME characteristics of compounds from chemical structure or in vitro data.

Nature Publishing GroupThe Nature Publishing Group is the world's preeminent publisher of top-quality scientific information. Our flagship journal, Nature, has been in print for over 130 years. Today it is accompanied by 12 other Research and Review Journals, over 30 Specialist Journals, innovative online Reference Works such as the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, and the web-based news service, Nature Science Update.

NCBI NCBI provides integrated access to DNA and protein sequence data, associated mapping data, protein structures, and MEDLINE. Demonstrations of the GenBank database, the Entrez retrieval system, PubMed for MEDLINE searching, BLAST and VAST similarity searches for sequence and structures, and the BankIt and Sequin sequence submission software will be provided.

nonlinear Nonlinear Dynamics is a leading software development company providing Bioinformatics solutions. The company provides products for in-depth analysis of 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels and microarrays, and sophisticated interrogation and integration of the resultant data. Nonlinear Dynamics boasts a customer base of over 5,000 of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes and academic institutions.

The Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) is an umbrella group for the various bio*.org projects that grew out of the original BioPerl project. The goal of the foundation is to provide financial, administrative and technical assistance for our various open source life science projects.

O'Reilly NetworkO'Reilly Network--Online Resource for Open and Emerging Technologies. You trust O'Reilly to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. And you can trust O'Reilly Network to deepen your knowledge and technical skills. O'Reilly Network offers information beyond O'Reilly books: from thought-provoking articles to extensive searchable resources. It's your essential technology site before and after conferences:

PlatformPlatform is the world's leading distributed computing software provider, with desktop to Grid solutions that allow Life Sciences organizations to dramatically improve time to market and quality of results. Platform has strategic relationships with industry leaders including Compaq, LION Bioscience and SAS. Its open, scalable software solutions are the choice of more than 1,500 result-driven organizations around the world.

Promicro Systems Promicro Systems is a leading provider of custom hardware, software and service solutions for vertical disciplines in the life sciences, including biotechnology, chemistry and physics. Our top-performing, infinitely reliable products, which include servers, cluster solutions, NetPC, workstations, appliances, and KVM solutions, can better aid you in your information discovery efforts.

RLX Technologies RLX Technologies is a privately held corporation committed to redefining server economics through the delivery of superior servers, peripherals, services and software. The RLX System 324 and System 1U solutions with their innovative RLX ServerBlade(tm) design set the new standard for web server solutions with superior density, low power consumption, super fast deployment/ease of use and systems reliability.

The ScientistThe Scientist is a bi-weekly magazine reporting on the news, issues and trends that impact life scientists. It provides scientists with an essential source of information and analysis on research, technology, policy, business, funding and careers to help them stay informed and make decisions.

Sequence bioinformatics. Use Open Source software but concerned about support? Sequence Support Services (S3) provides professional support by a team of experts. Need custom bioinformatics development? Sequence Professional Services (SPS) has the biology and software expertise to help. Open Source software developer? Get your application included in the OpenGene and OpenProtein the Open Source Bioinformatics suites, packaged and supported by Sequence.

Sun MicrosystemsSun Microsystems is synonymous with vast compute power, robust hardware and open standards for Java and internet technologies. Sun supports the life science community's goal of developing an end-to-end solution that spans R&D-CRM, and understands that successful solutions can only be achieved through extensive technology sharing and open standards.

TimeLogic: Biocomputing
Accelerated.TimeLogic speeds discovery with the DeCypher accelerated bioinformatics solution. DeCypher dramatically speeds up computationally intensive algorithms, including BLAST, Smith-Waterman and HMM analysis. Backed by reliable hardware from Sun Microsystems, Dell and Compaq, TimeLogic gives you the power of a server farm in just inches of rack space. Visit Contact us via email or call 775-833-0200 for more information.

Western Scientific Western Scientific is an industry leader in data storage, Beowulf Cluster systems, workstations, servers, and networking environments. For over 23 years, Western has manufactured and supported high performance computing products to more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Western offers industry standard components and significant cost savings.

Exhibitor Information

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, telephone Andrew Calvo at 707-827-7176, or email Home | Conferences Home | Bioinformatics Conference Home
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