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Ken Williams
Ken Williams is a Perl consultant, instructor, and the author of several CPAN modules, including AI::Categorizer, Class::Container, Module::Build, Apache::Filter, and others. Williams is also one of the current developers of HTML::Mason and co-authored the recent O'Reilly book Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason with Dave Rolsky. He also co-authored the Fall 1999 Perl Journal article, "Genetic Algorithms in Perl," with Brad Murray. Williams co-founded the "Ask Dr. Math" service at the Math Forum, which provides lots of questions and answers that need categorization. He is pursuing graduate studies in computer science in Sydney, Australia.

Adds Williams, "My background is in Machine Learning applied to Automatic Text Categorization, and many of the Machine Learning techniques are also applied to problems in Bioinformatics. I have collaborated with some Bioinformatics people on tools common to both fields."


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