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P2P, Web Services, Wireless, and Beyond
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Westin Santa Clara
May 13-16, 2002 -- Santa Clara, CA

Building on the momentum and excitement of the O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference.



Community Wireless Round Table
Rob Flickenger
Matt Peterson, Founder, Bay Area Wireless Group
Terry Schmidt, Co-Founder, NYCwireless
Adam Shand
Matt Westervelt

Track: Untethered
Date: Thursday, May 16
Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm
Location: Stevens Creek

Alot has changed in the last few years. What was quite recently a project by DARPA to build an indestructable network has become every VC's hope for the New World Order: an infinite utopia where people pour their dollars directly into their pockets, all because of the mysterious high-tech allure of The Internet(tm).

But, there was a time when the 'net was first and foremost a communications medium, setup by people who understood their machines, and connected to each other for their mutual benefit: to freely exchange information.

The Wireless Community movement is in part a response to the rampant, unhealthy e-consumerism that has turned the 'net into the commercialized fast-food pop culture junknet it has become. Thousands of people around the planet are tired of hearing that they're just "out of bounds" for the Telco's projected broadband market, and are doing what the founders of the Internet did years ago: building their own systems to connect to each other.

Community Group leaders Terry Schmidt, Matt Westervelt, Matt Peterson, Adam Shand, Matthew Asham, and Rob Flickenger will discuss how we can work together to build the Next Internet, where low-cost (and very high-speed) communication is the primary concern.

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