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P2P, Web Services, Wireless, and Beyond
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Westin Santa Clara
May 13-16, 2002 -- Santa Clara, CA

Building on the momentum and excitement of the O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference.



Continued Innovation in P2P File-Sharing
Kelly Truelove, Founder & CEO, Truelove Research

Track: Distributed
Date: Wednesday, May 15
Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Location: Stevens Creek

In the wake of the demise of Napster's free-for-all P2P file-sharing service last summer, users have flocked to other systems, including KaZaA, Morpheus, iMesh, LimeWire, BearShare, and Audiogalaxy. P2P file-sharing activity through such networks is believed to be at an all-time high, having recovered from the loss of Napster.

This presentation reviews the major players and then focuses on the technical innovation seen in these systems. What are the forces driving innovation, and what is the net direction of the evolution? What will tomorrow's P2P file-sharing networks look like?

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