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April 22-25, 2003, Santa Clara -Explore. Invent. Connect.


Journalism 3.1b2
Dan Gillmor, Center for Citizen Media

Track: Social Software
Date: Thursday, April 24
Time: 1:15pm - 2:00pm
Location: Winchester

Journalism is evolving away from its lecture mode--here's the news, and you buy it or you don't--to include a conversation. Interactive technology is the catalyst. Gillmor’s "Journalism 3.1b2" (also called "We Media") augments traditional methods with new and yet-to-be invented collaboration tools ranging from e-mail to weblogs to digital video to peer-to-peer systems.

Notes Gillmor, “But it boils down to something simple: our readers collectively know more than we do, and they don't have to settle for half-baked coverage when they can come into the kitchen themselves. This is not a threat. It is an opportunity. And the evolution of We Media will oblige us all to adapt.”

This session is about the nuts and bolts of how technology is changing journalism. Gillmor shows the latest tools, including gadgets not yet available in the U.S., and how people are using them to create the next version of media.

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