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April 22-25, 2003, Santa Clara -Explore. Invent. Connect.


Social Software Alliance

Track: Birds of a Feather
Date: Wednesday, April 23
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence

We propose a trade group of social software developers and other interested parties who work together to create and promote open standards for the social software community. Examples of social software are weblogs, wikis, and related tools for integration and analysis, as well as forums, chat environments, systems for immediate messaging, etc. Social software is also about blending tools and modes for richer online social environments and experiences.

Social software is a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, rich with possibilities to create better connections between people. With a growing number of active developers, we need a central nexus to help drive the process of coordination and interoperability between different developers' products.

The alliance will:
  • aid discovery of developers working on synergistic projects and standards
  • assist in shaping open standards that mesh well with other alliance and Internet standards
  • help promote each standard to gain wider adoption

The fast-paced nature of the social software space now argues for developing light-weight, easy-to-implement standards, following the Internet tradition of rough consensus and running code, but perhaps moving faster than the larger standards bodies. It is expected that those standards promulgated by the alliance which become widely adopted will be proposed to the appropriate general standards body or bodies: W3C, IETF, ISO, etc.

Moderated by Peter Kaminski, CTO, Socialtext, Inc.

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