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James Cronin
James Cronin is a technologist who has been working on the UK Internet scene since 1993 as developer, systems administrator, technical director or CTO for several top UK's ISPs and new media companies. Cronin was among the first to be hired by boo.com where he was Vice President of Technology and Operations. He pressed the button to launch the web site and pressed the button to shut it down. James currently works for BBCi New Media and BBC News Online as a consultant technical architect and as technical lead of the BBC social software project. Outside of work, Cronin has been active in award-winning e-democracy campaigns, such as the anti internet snooping bill site: Stand. He also co-founded the volunteer-run service: FaxYourMP. In his (copious!) spare time he is part of the team running one of the UK's most successful online communities. Cronin believes strongly in the Internet as an enabling technology for change and spends a lot of time helping Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth with their online campaigns.

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