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Is There a Robot in Your Future?
Paolo Gaudiano, Ph.D., Icosystem
Jeanne Dietsch, ActivMedia Robotics
Paolo Pirjanian, Evolution Robotics, Inc.

Track: Hardware
Date: Thursday, February 12
Time: 11:00am - 11:45am
Location: Plaza

From Asimov's Robbie to the Terminator, our culture has been fascinated with the concept of robots becoming part of our everyday lives. Although humanoid robots of the type imagined by science fiction writers are still in their technological infancy, a careful look reveals that robots have begun to pervade many aspects of our life.

This session brings together representatives of industry and academia who will describe some fascinating examples of robots that are being deployed in a variety of commercial, military, and even domestic settings. The presentations will show that robotics today is in a state not unlike that of personal computers two or three decades ago. If you don't already interact with robots in your daily life, chances are that you soon will.

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