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UI for Alien Cowboys
Matt Jones, The Disappearing Organization

Track: Emerging Technology Tutorial
Date: Monday, February 09
Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: California Ballroom B

User-Centered Design and participatory product development are established, proven techniques for making interfaces and information understandable. But how is it possible to use them when your knowledge, the technology, and the possible markets are moving so quickly? Is it possible to create alpha-tech that defines a new market and is a joy to use? UI Design for Alien Cowboys is a three-hour tutorial and workshop that proposes that it is.

  • Brief introduction to “classic” User-Centered Design and participatory product development

  • Why does it matter, what does it save?

  • How to become an alien cowboy: understanding your users and surviving

  • Tricks and tips and tools for web apps, group apps, and for mobile devices or XP/Scrum methodologies

  • The future for alien cowboys

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