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Reverse Engineering: Basic Hardware and Software Techniques
Andrew Huang, Chumby Industries

Track: Emerging Technology Tutorial
Date: Monday, February 09
Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Plaza

Reverse engineering is a time-honored technique used to legitimately gain design intelligence about existing products. It is becoming an increasingly important subject as the legal cloud surrounding it thickens. Reverse engineering is one of the consumer's last defenses against corporations that are attempting to use cryptographic or other hardware-locking technologies to create artificial monopolies (and reap monopoly profits) in important consumer markets.

This three-part session will start out with a brief recap of last year's presentation on emerging trends in hardware hacking. This initial session will also motivate the need for reverse engineering.

The second part of the session will demonstrate how to implement and execute a basic low-speed, non-destructive wire-line tap using inexpensive hardware.

The final portion will show how to use IDA Pro, the tool of choice for software reversers. The audience will be walked through a simple keycode bypass procedure. The techniques learned in this session can also be applied to diagnosing unknown or untrusted code for viral content.

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