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Networked Objects
Tom Igoe, ITP/NYU

Track: Hardware
Date: Thursday, February 12
Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm
Location: Plaza

Networked Objects is an introduction to homebrew development of alternate physical interfaces to the internet. While there are a large number of researchers around the world focusing on embedded Internet applications, most are developing their work from the board up, using their own TCP/IP stack software written on general purpose microcontrollers or single-board computers. There are a number of them using off-the-shelf network interface modules that interface easily with higher-level microcontrollers like the PIC, basic stamp, and BX-24. Using these tools, hobbyists, artists, and less-technical researchers can develop their own embedded applications.

The session will review some ubiquitous computing work from the past and present, introduce a few key concepts used in embedded computing, and introduce a few hardware platforms useful for getting started in the field. This session will also introduce personal and student work done using these tools to give a sense of what's possible in what amount of time, and for what amount of money.

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