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Evolving the Bad Guy
Eric Bonabeau, Ph.D., Icosystem Corporation

Track: Social Software
Date: Tuesday, February 10
Time: 11:00am - 11:45am
Location: California Ballroom B

We live surrounded by more and more complex software and control systems. How do we make sure (1) they work, and (2) they are secure? Drawing from two real-world case studies, Bonabeau shows how evolutionary computation (a form of computational search inspired by biological evolution) can help evolve functional and security challenges to a range of complex systems to detect and correct defects and loopholes. One example is an extremely complex control system on a navy warship. The other example is a web services architecture. In both cases, evolutionary computation is used to find weaknesses that could not be predicted by the human designers because the number of possible configurations or situations is enormous. Bonabeau also discusses how the same approach can apply to finding defects in economic models or loopholes in the tax code.

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