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Art-of-Logic, Experience Making, the Nokia Way
Christian Lindholm, Nokia

Track: Untethered
Date: Wednesday, February 11
Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm
Location: California Ballroom C

From voice communication to social interaction
The mobile business has entered into a transformation from voice to something else. The something else could be mobile imaging, gaming or richer social interaction. In the morphing process at some point the trace of the original device disappears before a new device emerges. The new concept stabilizes and a new dominant design emerges when there are several manufacturers making substitutes and users signal their acceptance by purchasing the new devices. Where are we now in this morphing process and what are the interesting trajectories? What kind of conflicts can be identified and how can one deal with them?

From sketch to product
How do we take the product from the napkin sketch to the final product? How do we validate concepts with users and when do we want to educate the mind of the users? How is the experience engineered and managed?

Snapshots from from the lab, real life, and the future
Snapshots from the past nine years of shaping products will be covered, including successes and failures, which have fundamentally shaped the way I think of product making. This will include the Navi-key story. We’ll discuss the main menu layouts in the Series 30 phones, the essence of Series 60, and how profiles ended up on the power key.

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