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Re-invent e-Business Solutions BPM the 3rd wave
Wei-Jyh Lin, Ph.D., TB Commerce Network Corp.

Track: Products and Services
Date: Thursday, February 12
Time: 11:45am - 12:15pm
Location: California Ballroom A

e-Business solutions of today are an imperfect simulation of real-world dynamic and fast-changing business they support. Solutions built from one-time IT project cast snapshots of business processes in stone. They cannot adapt, nor can they last. Such e-Business solutions are as much IT liability as an asset.

e-Business solutions must be re-invented to be agile in nature, capable of adapting to changing real-world business. The key in building agile, adaptive e-Business solutions is to take processes as first-class citizen over data. e-Business solutions should comprise of active, interacting processes mimicking real-world business, instead of passive, isolated point-solutions requiring intensive manual task hand-off.

This presentation gives examples of current business-IT divide and introduces a process-centric concept in building agile, adaptive e-Business solutions. It also gives the key components in realizing such process-centric solutions. The presentation will conclude with a brief demonstration of the company’s cEAP BPM product, which is a set of J2EE components and applications to process-enable e-Business solutions.

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