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VC Funding for Geeks; or, How to Get Your Technology to Emerge the VC Way
Marc Hedlund, Chief Product Officer, Wesabe

Date: Thursday, March 17
Time: 11:00am - 11:45am
Location: California Ballroom B

Geeks and venture capitalists often don't speak the same language. This talk provides a look at venture capital financing from the point of view of the technologist. If you have an idea for a technology company or a technology you'd like to make into a product, should you look for VC backing? What should your expectations be going into the process? What are some of the common pitfalls technologists encounter when they try to find VC funding? How can you talk about your technology and your company in a way that will appeal to potential venture backers?

We'll approach the topic of venture backing without getting bogged down in the finance terminology common to VC primers (though references for those topics will be provided). You'll be given a more informal set of advice; rules of thumb and cautions will predominate.

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