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Life Hacks Live
Danny O'Brien, editor, Need To Know
Merlin Mann

Date: Thursday, March 17
Time: 11:45am - 12:30pm
Location: California Ballroom B

Based on the research into the secret habits of "overprolific alpha geeks," last year's popular Life Hacks talk predicted a new software field: the spread of the time and info management "power tools" hackers have learnt to build for themselves to a wider audience, who are increasingly struggling to handle the information overload that geeks have fought with for years.

Join Danny O'Brien and the smash hit blog "43 Folder"'s Merlin Mann to see just how those predictions have come true on the Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms.

We'll take a whistle-stop tour through an amazing year in this exploding field: tracking apps that merge the geek's command-line power with GUI ease-of-use; the expansion of RSS and wiki techniques into frontline organizing apps; the spread of search and script automation onto the desktop; how plain text files are the new rock and roll.

But there's more: with live cameo appearances of alpha geeks (and their desktops), Mann and O'Brien will demo live some more of the secret tricks that have yet to reach a wider audience, and the applications and gadgets that even the super-organized are only now getting to play with. And, once again, the duo will pinpoint the market opportunities that exist for the toolmaker who wants to reach a growing new audience for their software.

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