O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2005
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Amazon.com: E-Commerce at Interplanetary Scale
Werner Vogels, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com

Date: Tuesday, March 15
Time: 5:30pm - 6:15pm
Location: California Ballroom C

When, in the coming years, space research makes a break-through and space colonization becomes a reality, Amazon.com will be the preferred way to order your retail products anywhere in the universe.

Amazon.com's global operation is the world's largest online retail operation, and it is growing to prepare itself for an even more universal presence. Already the current scale of its operations is unparalleled, and the software to run its distributed operation is so complex that no software vendor is able to deliver a robust and scalable solution. As a result, Amazon.com has become one of the premier high-tech companies developing globally scalable distributed systems. We have set out a course to incorporate technologies based on Chaos, Biology, and Evolution principles into the software to be able to guarantee robust operation at galactic scale.

This presentation focuses on a number of these principles and how they play a role in the development of the software at Amazon.com, creating services that are able to self-organize and self-regenerate, and achieve service stability in a world that is continuously in flux. Vogel's presentation details how epidemic techniques are used to create ultra-scalable software infrastructures that exhibit unparalleled robustness and scalability properties. He also explores how, using viral data dissemination, it has become possible to achieve global data consistency without sacrificing availability and scalability.

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