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Taking Back Television: An Open Approach to the Development and Deployment of Next Generation Media
Tim Halle, Director, The Project for Open Source Media (POSM)

Date: Tuesday, March 15
Time: 4:40pm - 5:25pm
Location: California Ballroom B

After years of promises, we are now at the point where new “convergent” technologies which will change how media is produced distributed and consumed can be deployed. The downside of this is the platforms available for developing this content are proprietary and likely to remain so. This situation allows a few large entities to act as gatekeepers to these systems, limiting both access to distribution and the development of innovative services to those blessed by these entities.

Rather than limiting access to these systems, a far better course of action is to open these platforms, allowing for the development of next generation of digital media and the business models that will support them. Availability of such a platform would have a number of benefits: Consumers could choose from a wide variety of content and services, from a virtually unlimited number of providers greatly expanding the availability of information to the general public.

Producers of all types of digital media, from major studios and new media houses to consumers, will have direct access to a new distribution channel without the editorial or financial constraints.

Developers and artists would have a low cost platform to research, develop, and deploy next generation media applications, allowing innovation to come from where it always has--the community at large.

This talk demonstrates a device which addresses these issues: an open platform for receiving, storing, and displaying digital and digitized analog content utilizing existing internet (HTML RSS P2P) and broadcast (ATVEF, MPEG, DDE-1) standards.

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