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Emerging Massive Media
Paula Le Dieu, Director, Creative Commons International

Date: Thursday, March 17
Time: 9:30am - 9:45am
Location: California Ballroom

What does it mean when you can legally rip, mix and share the BBC and other large institutional bodies of audio and video content?

Using the BBC led Creative Archive as the context for discussion, this presentation works through some of the challenges and exciting possibilities inherent in having significant bodies of institutional audio and video available for download and reuse.

Le Dieu covers the journey that we think the average user might go on when afforded access to this material as well as some of things we hope alpha geeks might do when they recover from the news that Dr. Who won't be available for a long, long time. Themes include:

  • Institutional Metadata meets Public Annotation : "Hey everyone, that's me in the background"
  • Institutional Scheduling vs Social Scheduling : "Yay, it's channel Alice"
  • Large P politics meet small p politics : BBC Parliament and theyworkforyou.com

This presentation seeks to stimulate the alpha geek community into thinking beyond the broadcast product and imagine what could happen when broadcast products legally become part of the internet on a massive scale.

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