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Hack Sci-Fi Features into Your Car
Damien Stolarz, CEO, CarBot, Inc.
Raffi C. Krikorian, Synthesis Studios, Inc.

Date: Monday, March 14
Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: California Ballroom A

Every year, the automakers expect us to buy a brand new car just to get some sci-fi feature they've finally integrated. By taking matters into our your own hands, however, you can install the latest technology into your automobile today.

"Hack Sci-Fi Features into your Car" is a hands-on workshop for all who are interested in new technologies for their cars. This three-hour tutorial opens with a brief orientation to the basic workings of the automotive electric, audio, and diagnostic systems (battery power, alternator power, fuses, and key-on signals to name a few), followed by a demonstration on how to wire in aftermarket and custom hardware into the car itself. We'll also cover some of the computer features that are finding their way into cars such as Bluetooth, 802.11, 3G networking, and 6-channel surround sound.

For the last hour, we'll get our hands dirty by tinkering with a designated car in the conference's parking lot: we'll explore out radio head-ends, touch screen input devices, remote controls, and in car x86-based hardware and software all in the context of a working automobile. We'll also take a spin with some software specifically targeted to the car computer market.

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