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Kevin Kealy
AT&T Labs

As a Director at AT&T Labs, Kevin's current duties include research and development of cutting edge technologies such as VoIP, VPNs, Wireless and more.  His focus is mainly on security issues and is heavily involved in the delivery of IT Security consultancy to internal and external customers, the operation of AT&T's Check Point training facility (which he established), and he is a regular public speaker on the subject of Internet Security.  He is also a key member of the team tasked with securing AT&T's enormous IP backbone. Kevin has been with AT&T since 1996, having joined the European arm of the company as a Senior Consultant.  Among Kevin's achievements in Europe were the creation and expansion of an IT Security Consultancy offer and the AT&T Managed Firewall offer. Among the customer projects on which Kevin has worked are the establishment of a secured connection to the Internet for GCHQ (the British equivalent of the NSA), the design and deployment of a secure Internet/Intranet infrastructure for two major banks, countless firewall deployments and many ethical hacking engagements. Kevin holds a Ph. D and a Master's degree in Information Security from the University of London, where he is also an Associate Lecturer on the topic of Internet Security.  He has one book in print, with another on the way.  Kevin is a Check Point and Raptor Certified Instructor, and holds CISSP status.  He is a member in good standing of the IEEE and
  Kevin Kealy

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