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Erik Smartt

Erik Smartt currently serves as Product Manager, Development Platform Tools. He is directly responsible for Nokia’s recently released “Python for Series 60,” which ports the Open Source, dynamic Python programming language to the Series 60 Platform by Nokia. Since joining Nokia in 2002, he has held several positions, including Product Manager of the Nokia Content Syndication Program and Technology Manager in Forum Nokia. He has been instrumental at Forum Nokia in developing content aggregation and syndication technologies that enable content sharing between Nokia and key technology partners. Prior to joining Nokia, Smartt served as Senior Information Architect and Creative Developer at Viant, before which he was a Creative Strategist with c2o Interactive Architects. He previously spent several years as a freelance multimedia and mobile applications developer. Smartt has spoken on content syndication technologies and adopting open standards at the Nokia Web & Markup Technologies Conference 2003 and the Nokia XML Conference 2002. He has taught Internet Development at university level and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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