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Drew Endy
MIT Biological Engineering

Drew Endy studied civil, environmental, and biochemical engineering at Lehigh University and Thayer School, Dartmouth College. From 1998 through 2001 he helped to start the Molecular Sciences Institute, an independent not-for-profit biological research lab in Berkeley, CA. In 2002, he started a group as a fellow in the Department of Biology and the Biological Engineering Division at MIT; he joined the MIT faculty in 2004. Endy co-founded the MIT Synthetic Biology working group and the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, and organized the First International Conference on Synthetic Biology. Endy and colleagues taught the 2003 and 2004 MIT Synthetic Biology labs and organized the 2004 Synthetic Biology competition, a five-school course that enabled students to work together to design and build engineered biological systems. Endy's research focuses on the engineering of many-component integrated biological systems and the design of reproducing machines.
  Drew Endy

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