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Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt

Citizen Agency

Celebrated as the 'Marketer 2.0 ', Tara has been infusing the marketing world with her roguish style - working in a plethora of industries, from non-profit to consumer beverages to technology - for the past 8 years. Not familiar with her casual-styled musings at HorsePigCow? Well, Tara's current project, Pinko Marketing, is a good place to start to get an idea of her marketing style. The basis? You need to be part of the community you serve. This goes beyond the conversation and into building deep and real relationships with your community of customers. Speaking of community, Tara is a community-based movement evangelist, spending all of her free time on Barcamp, Coworking and Winecamp. She is also a supporter of the Open Source movement, the EFF, Creative Commons and the Intelligrid.

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