O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference - January 31 - February 2, 2006 - San Francisco, CA
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Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane is a futurist and strategist for technology-driven business who invests his own time and money as an agent of change and creator of new ventures. Cochrane is brilliant at explaining the impact and opportunities of new technologies and their applications to both technical and non-technical audiences. An internationally sought after speaker, Cochrane has authored over 600 papers and articles and numerous books on business, management, technology, the future, and living with rapid change. His latest book, Uncommon Sense: More Tips for Time Travelers, describes the impact on business, society, and individuals of the current shift from a stable and linear world to one that is non-linear and chaotic. Cochrane co-founded ConceptLabs, a new style laboratory/incubator firm that identifiies and helps develop new technologies for commercial applications.

In the past decade, Cochrane has been involved in the creation and deployment of new technologies, the transformation of major corporations, and the starting of twenty new businesses, including eBookers, the largest EU on-line travel agent. Other starts include operations in entertainment, defense, logistics, data management, electro-optics, training, and healthcare.

A seasoned professional with forty years of management and hands-on technology and operations experience, Cochrane has worked as a technician, engineer, educator, manager, innovator, technology prophet, creator of new business, and an angel. In his career at British Telecom, he progressed from linesman to head of Research and chief technologist leading a 1000-member team. Cochrane was responsible for manufacturing programs that installed the first undersea fiber cable system between the USA and EU in 1986 and the universal deployment of systems throughout the UK. From 1996 to 2000, Cochrane built BT's new Research and Consultancy Business. His own consulting clients include a broad range of companies and governments in the EU, Turkey, China, India, and USA.

Cochrane's academic career is equally distinguished. He is the UK's first professor for Public Understanding of Science & Technology at Bristol. He has won numerous awards. He manages and serves on the board of six companies in the UK and USA.

  Peter Cochrane

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