Cutting-edge Productivity with RIFE
Geert Bevin, CTO, Uwyn

Track: Web
Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Time: 11:10 - 11:50
Location: Salon Memling

RIFE is a full-stack, open source Java web application framework, offering fast results with the promise of maintainability and code clarity. While many are attracted to RIFE for the productivity gains it offers, the framework actively tries to solve difficult problems with creative solutions that combine power and flexibility with comfortability. RIFE has pioneered many novel ideas in Java web application development, including pure Java web continuations, run-time POJO-driven CRUD generation, scalable component-oriented architecture, state handling without sessions, focus on REST as an application API, bi-directional logicless template engine, and the integration of a content management framework.

This session demonstrates how RIFE lets you cut corners when there's no need for a complex setup. You'll see how trivial CRUD functionalities are instantly available and how they can completely be customized without the need of restarting your servlet container. The rich POJO-driven meta-data system will be demonstrated as well as how it propagates and drives most of the framework's modules. We'll also develop a component from scratch and introduce the web engine, the template engine, the persistence layer, and the content management framework.