Lessons and Tips from the Ajax Frontline
Scott Dietzen, President and CTO, Zimbra

Track: Web
Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Time: 14:50 - 15:30
Location: Theatre Plaza

Until 2004, Ajax was known strictly as a bathroom cleaner; in 2005, the powerful web scripting language bounded onto the scene, helping developers create innovative, interactive web applications. These applications have enabled developers and users to integrate the formerly separate “push” and “pull” web experiences into one seamless experience. Ajax-based development is being increasingly used to provide users with faster, more useful access to the information they need. For example, it is possible to mouse over a mailing address and see its physical location on Google Maps, or to mouse over a FedEx tracking number and view the status of a package.

However, Ajax-based development still has a long way to go before users will rely equally on the Web and standard desktop applications. Scott Dietzen, president and CTO of Zimbra, will speak to the audience about this “Ajaxian Journey.” He’ll cover:

  • where this technology has been, its present state, and where it is going
  • lessons learned in Ajax-based development and implementation, and how developers have resolved issues including problems with bandwidth, choosing the best development toolkit, and optimizing web sites
  • how innovative uses of Ajax will impact the future of technology.
Further, he will talk about what a developer needs to know when setting out to develop a site using Ajax, offering tips and tricks and discussing how Ajax can be used to improve messaging and calendaring, among other applications.

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