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Drools: An Open Source Java Rules Engine
Brian Sam-Bodden, Integrallis Software, LLC

Track: Java
Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Time: 16:00 - 16:45
Location: Foyer Room

Software development is expensive when business rules are hard-coded in your application's source code, changes and additions to those rules translate to wasted time and money. Good object-oriented, component-based approaches can alleviate the burden of keeping up with changes in the business world, but they still require that expert knowledge of the changes be passed from the decision makers to the business analysts and finally to programmers that need to implement these changes. Business Rule Engines and Business Rule Languages are based on the basic premise of separation of concerns by empowering business domain experts to express the rules of business in a way that it is directly usable by applications.

Drools is an open source pure-Java implementation of a forward chaining rules engine. Drools can be used in a J2SE or J2EE application and allows you to express rules in a variety of scripting languages, including Python, Groovy, and Java.

Learn how Business Rules with Drools can make your Java applications more flexible and robust.

In this session you will learn:

  • Overview of Rule Engine Technology
  • Why and when to use a Rule Engine
  • Overview of Drools
  • Drools in a J2SE application
  • Refactoring an application to use Drools
  • Writing a DRL file
  • Dealing with Conflict Resolution: Rule Salience
  • Drools Event Model
  • Drools in a J2EE application
  • Rule loading strategies
  • Rule management
  • Tips and Tricks

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