O'Reilly European Open Source Convention - October 17-20, 2005 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Learning Haskell
Autrijus Tang, President, OurInternet, Inc. | The Elixir Initiative

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Thursday, 20 October 2005
Time: 13:30 - 14:15
Location: Foyer Room

What's faster than C++, more concise than Perl, more regular than Python, more flexible than Ruby, more typeful than C#, more robust than Java, and has absolutely nothing in common with PHP? It's Haskell!

Tired of writing unit tests to cover corner cases? Let the computer write it for you with QuickCheck. Find regex-based parsing unmaintainable? Learn how to write a complete parser for Perl 6's grammar in 15 minutes with Parsec. Stuck in deadlocks and race conditions? STM solves all your concurrency woes. XS and SWIG gives you headaches? FFI lets you embed C code quickly and safely.

Haskell is an emerging general-purpose functional language, with unique features that enable extremely rapid development of bug-free, concise, and maintainable code. This talk shows how to apply Haskell to day-to-day tasks, tips for integrating it with other languages, and secrets for boosting your productivity by an order of magnitude.

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