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Quickly Building Modular and Maintainable Applications with RIFE
Geert Bevin, CTO, Uwyn

Track: Java
Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Time: 14:20 - 15:05
Location: Foyer Room

RIFE is a full-stack web application framework with tools and APIs to implement most common web features. Its design provides the best of request-based and component-based approaches in a consistent component object model. RIFE's engine provides a solution that values maintainability without compromising on productivity. Through a centralized site structure, an application can be split up into easily reusable binary modules that can be seamlessly integrated into other projects. RIFE/Crud automatically creates modular, customizable administration sections at run-time without code generation. The create, report, update, and delete operations are provided without any effort and their behavior is fully customizable through RIFE's unique meta-data system, called Constraints. RIFE/Jumpstart allows developers to get immediately started with a new web application. It supports a large collection of development environments and after un-archiving the distribution, a developer just has to open the project file and run the demo application. The development can start immediately and incremental changes can be made without having to restart the application in between. This session starts from RIFE/Jumpstart and demonstrates how to quickly build a functional application with the aid of RIFE/Crud. Geert Bevin develops a reusable module and integrates it into a new project. Through examples, Bevin explains RIFE's approach and philosophy. Unique features such as web continuations, constraints, the content management framework, behavioral inheritance, and element embedding will be introduced along the way as Bevin clearly explains their purpose and applicability.

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