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IronPython: Python on the .NET Framework
Martin Maly, Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

Track: Products & Services
Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Time: 13:30 - 14:15
Location: Seasons Room

"IronPython" is the codename for a new implementation of the Python programming language on the .NET Framework. IronPython is fast - up to 1.8x faster than Python-2.4 on the standard pystone benchmark. It supports an interactive interpreter with fully dynamic compilation as well as static compilation to produce pre-compiled executables. It's well integrated with the rest of the framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers. This talk will show how IronPython brings the power of .NET to Python and the power of Python to .NET.

A year ago at OSCON 2004, the first public release of IronPython was announced. This talk will demonstrate IronPython in a range of situations including using GUI frameworks, automating .NET applications and working with variety of external libraries. It will also cover the challenges that were overcome between early alpha and the present day and discuss issues that remain to be solved for IronPython to become a serious 1.0 release of Python for .NET.

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