J2EE Sessions

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Wednesday, March 28, 2001
8:45 am Keynote, Session K1

Java Keynote
-- Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer
    Sun Microsystems

10:45 am J2EE, Session J1

Mastering EJB Transactions
-- Doug Bateman, Vice President
    The Middleware Company

B2B Made Easy Using J2EE and ebXML
-- Glen Martin, Director of Product Management
    SpikeSource, Inc.

1:30 pm J2EE, Session

Selecting the Best Distributed Collaboration Styles for a J2EE Application
-- Grant Holland

3:30 pm J2EE, Session J3

Developing JSP Custom Tag Libraries
-- Hans Bergsten
    Gefion software

OpenORB Enterprise Suite: an Open Source CORBA Platform
-- Jerome Daniel

Thursday, March 29, 2001
8:45 am J2EE, Session J4

J2EE and Component Based Manufacturing Systems-Opening New Markets in the Java Universe
-- David Braun, System Architect
    Delphi Delco Electronics
-- Nancy DG Glenn, System Architect/Project Lead
    Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

A JSP Tag Libraries based framework for Wireless Application Development
-- Hitesh Seth, Chief Technology Evangelist
    SeraNova, Inc

10:45 am J2EE, Session J5

Credit Card Transaction Processing for E-commerce Web Sites with Java
-- Sean Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer

Business Rules Automation with EJB
-- Mei Tian
    University of Waterloo

1:30 pm J2EE, Session J6

An Innovative Framework for Automating JSP Development
-- Michael Alford, Senior Software Engineer

JMS: Integrating Legacy Systems with J2EE based B2B, B2C Applications
-- Krishna V.S. Chaganti, Consultant

3:30 pm J2EE, Session J7

Managing Components with JMX
-- Rickard Oberg

-- Bruce Rich, IBM Senior Software Engineer
    IBM/Tivoli Systems

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