Architecture Sessions

Tracks:  J2EE | Leading Edge | Architecture | Java/XML | Open Source
8:45 am Keynote, Session K1

Java Keynote
-- Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer
    Sun Microsystems

10:45 am Architecture, Session A1

Real World J2EE - Design Patterns and Architecture Behind
-- Floyd Marinescu, Senior Enterprise Architect
    The Middleware Company

RMI System Design: Patterns and Pitfalls
-- Andy Oliver

1:30 pm Architecture, Session A2

Building Business Component Models Using Analysis Patterns
-- Eric Lefebvre, Coad-certified Mentor

J2EE Blueprints: Best Practices for Designing Enterprise Applications
-- Inderjeet Singh, Architect, J2EE Blueprints
    Sun Microsystems Inc.
-- Liz Blair, Staff Engineer
    Sun Microsystems

3:30 pm Architecture, Session A3

Using Java in Developing Wireless Applications
-- Qusay Mahmoud, Author, Trainer, Consultant

Java on Mobile Devices
-- Sean Sheedy, Sr. Manager, Wireless Data Services
    Nextel Communications

8:45 am Architecture, Session A4

Keys to Maximizing Component Reusability
-- Gary Baney

Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 Technology: What's New in the EJB Architecture and Why?
-- Linda DeMichiel, Senior Staff Engineer
    Sun Microsystems
-- L. Umit Yalcinalp

10:45 am Architecture, Session A5

Using Java Reflection to Improve Enterprise Application Design
-- Michael Portwood, President
    Exuberance, LLC

Managing Applications with Java Management Extensions
-- Heather Kreger, Senior Software Engineer

1:30 pm Architecture, Session A6

J2EE Component Design Patterns
-- Thomas Liou
    Valtech Technologies, Inc.

-- Gregor Kiczales, Principal Scientist

3:30 pm Architecture, Session A7

Jini in the Enterprise
-- Anne Dirkse, Java Instructor

J2ME Programming and Design
-- Nat Wyatt, CTO of the Cloudscape Division
    Informix Software

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