Leading Edge Sessions

Tracks:  J2EE | Leading Edge | Architecture | Java/XML | Open Source
8:45 am Keynote, Session K1

Java Keynote
-- Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer
    Sun Microsystems

10:45 am Leading Edge, Session L1

J2EE(TM) Connector Architecture: Technical Overview and Roadmap
-- Rahul Sharma, Senior Staff Engineer
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

1:30 pm Leading Edge, Session L2

SOAP- Simple Open Access Protocol
-- Doug Bateman, Vice President
    The Middleware Company

3:30 pm Leading Edge, Session L3

Jini and JavaSpaces as an Enterprise Knowledge Base System
-- Jason Monberg, President
    Carbon Five
-- Michael Wynholds, Founder
    Carbon Five Inc.

Accessing OLAP Resources from Java
-- James Farley, Chief Software Architect
    Harvard University

8:45 am Leading Edge, Session L4

Bluetooth and Java
-- Michael Portwood, President
    Exuberance, LLC

Programming Lego Mindstorms Robots with Java
-- Jonathan B. Knudsen, Director of Courseware Development

10:45 am Leading Edge, Session L5

-- Rinaldo Di Giorgio
-- Stephen Uhler, Senior Staff Engineer
    Sun Microsystems

Building Distributed Systems with Brazil
-- Rob Englander, President
    MindStream Software, Inc.

1:30 pm Leading Edge, Session L6

Java Performance
-- Leonard Slipp, JProbe Product Manager
    Sitraka Inc.

Memory Management
-- Leonard Slipp, JProbe Product Manager
    Sitraka Inc.

3:30 pm Leading Edge, Session L7

Motorola J2ME Initiative- Power to Developers
-- Dr. Jyh-Han Lin, Director, iDEN J2ME Platform
    iDEN Subscriber Group, Motorola Inc.

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