Java/XML Sessions

Tracks:  J2EE | Leading Edge | Architecture | Java/XML | Open Source
8:45 am Keynote, Session K1

Java Keynote
-- Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer
    Sun Microsystems

10:45 am Java/XML, Session X1

Development with JSP and XSLT Page Generation Systems
-- Sam Borgeson, Founder
    Carbon Five Inc.
-- Michael Wynholds, Founder
    Carbon Five Inc.

JMS as XML and Object-based Messaging Integration Infrastructure
-- Michael Wynholds, Founder
    Carbon Five Inc.
-- Sam Borgeson, Founder
    Carbon Five Inc.

1:30 pm Java/XML, Session X2

J2ME and XML
-- Jonathan B. Knudsen, Director of Courseware Development

Java Techniques for the XSLT Web Sites
-- Doug Tidwell, Senior Software Engineer

8:45 am Java/XML, Session X4

XML Data Binding
-- Gregory Messner, CTO
    The Breeze Factor LLC

JAXP 1.1 for Java API for XML Processing
-- Edwin Goei, Software Engineer
    Sun Microsystems

10:45 am Java/XML, Session X5

-- Anne Thomas Manes, CTO

VoiceXML-Overview, Opportunities and Challenges
-- Hitesh Seth, Chief Technology Evangelist
    SeraNova, Inc

1:30 pm Java/XML, Session X6

-- William Grosso, Principal Engineer
    Hipbone Software

The Evolution of XML Messaging: Toward an Open Global market
-- David Chappell, Vice President and Chief Technology Evangelist
    Sonic Software

3:30 pm Java/XML, Session X7

Dynamic Proxy Architecture
-- Stuart Halloway, Co-founder
    Relevance LLC

Industry Web Services: WSDL and UDDI
-- Tyler Jewell, Principal Technology Evangelist
    BEA Systems

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