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O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java
Westin Hotel -- Santa Clara, California
March 26-29, 2001


The Battle Above the Servlets

Jason Hunter, Mark Logic

Track: Java Tutorials
Date: Monday, March 26
Time: 8:45am - 12:15pm
Location: Ballroom G

The Darwinistic battle between servlets, server-side applets, and other pluggable server-side Java APIs has ended, and servlets have been declared the winner. The new area of active innovation is *above* the servlet layer, at the presentation and framework levels, where individuals and companies are exploring how best to build on top of servlets to create effective web sites. In this tutorial we'll look at the three most popular alternatives including: JSP (Sun's entry into the field), Tea (running and, and WebMacro (running For each alternative we'll provide some background on the tool, demonstrate in detail how to use the tool, and examine where the tool works best. Discussion afterward should be lively.

At the conclusion of this class, attendees will be able to:

  • Write JSP pages, Tea templates, and WebMacro Templates
  • Program JSP servlets, Tea Applications, and WebMacro Servlets
  • Make an informed decision for when to use each technology
  • Fully understand the amazing flexibility of the servlet platform!

Java developers, knowledge of servlets a plus.

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