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“Mac Mechanical Mayhem,” or, “How to completely void your Mac’s warranty,” or even yet, “The Fast and mod Furious.”
Kent Salas, Los Angeles Newspaper Group

Track: Hardware
Date: Wednesday, October 02
Time: 2:15pm - 3:00pm
Location: Bayshore

Personal hardware modification on the Mac platform is seriously starting to take off; however, compared to the PC world, it is still in its infancy stage. Are Mac mods insanely great or just insane? Kent “Webmonkey Boy” Salas looks at some examples and examines different types of hardware mods, and what it would take for someone to attempt his own mod (besides boatloads of money and mind altering drugs) so you can decide for yourself:

  • What is a mod?

  • Salas scrutinizes different types of hardware mods, from the very useful to those that serve no purpose other than to make people say, “Holy $#!+!”

  • Why would you want to alter the beautiful Mac hardware anyway?

  • Although the hardware design and engineering of Apple’s products are truly works of art, improvements or alterations of hardware can be improved upon for individual needs and wants.

  • Tools of the mod trade

  • Salas surveys the instruments that the modern day mod’er uses in his arsenal to inflict hardware mayhem.

  • What is a “kewl” mod?

  • It all boils down to personal taste or usefulness. Salas demonstrates some useful ones and others that are purely eye-candy.

    Salas is very enthusiastic about his presentation: “If you have ever thought about changing something on the Mac, like adding something a little more than your basic hardware upgrade, then do I have something for you! I have taken Apple's awesome hardware design of the G4 and literally molded (ok, dremeled and drilled) it to my own concept and vision and added a few, what you might call, ‘personal enhancements’ along the way. Controversy is my middle name. I took cool and controversial, mixed them together to where it makes no sense, and viola!”

    Download presentation file

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