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An Introduction to REALbasic
Joseph Strout, REAL Software

Track: Programming
Date: Tuesday, October 01
Time: 5:45pm - 6:30pm
Location: Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence

REALbasic is a modern, object-oriented language integrated into a visual development environment. It is cross-platform (classic Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Windows), but uses native widgets and is fully compiled for each platform. The extensive library and elegant language make REALbasic easily accessible to beginners, yet powerful enough for professional product development.

In this introduction to software development using REALbasic, Joseph Strout explores the features of language itself, such as strong type checking, inheritance, polymorphism, and memory management. Strout also introduces the development environment, including both the code editor and the visual interface builder. He focuses on features which help development proceed quickly and correctly, such as code autocompletion and the Tips window. His talk also covers selected parts of the platform library, with an emphasis on features specific to Mac OS X, such as accessing the Unix shell and making use of advanced features of the Aqua interface. Finally, cross-platform considerations will be briefly explored.

Strout covers some of the reasons why REALbasic is a viable alternative, and actually builds a complete Mac OS X application or two on stage. By the end of the presentation, any audience member will be able to download REALbasic and start writing their own Mac OS X software immediately, even if they've never programmed before.

Strout presents a good case for REALbasic: “REALbasic provides an exciting alternative for developing software on Mac OS X. Its rapid-development features are similar to what you can get with Interface Builder and Cocoa, but the resulting application runs natively on Mac OS X, classic Mac OS, and Windows. The word ‘basic’ causes many developers to discount it as not a serious development tool--I was guilty of this same mistake, at one point. But nothing could be further from the truth; REALbasic is a modern, powerful, fully-compiled language that any application developer should consider carefully. Just like Mac OS X itself, REALbasic is easy enough for anyone to use, but contains real power under the hood.”

Download presentation file

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