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Mac DevCenter

Run with the Mac Pack!


Cult of the Mac
Leander†Kahney, Wired News

Track: Mac OS X in the Large
Date: Tuesday, October 01
Time:†10:45am - 11:30am

Journalist Leander Kahney discusses Macintosh subculture, examining the devotion, zeal, and fervor for the Mac in its many forms.

There are 44 million people who use a Macintosh computer. But the Macintosh is not simply a computer. Itís a fetish object. And its fans often resemble Deadheads, or members of a brainwashed cult.

Kahney tells you why Steve Jobs is worshipped like a messiah, why fans go to absurd lengths to upgrade obsolete machines, and details the crazy things Mac fans do to acquire, configure and customize their computers.

Topics will include: Fantasy Mac designers; Mac Evangelists; origami Mac makers; Newton fanatics; celebrity Mac users; Icon iconoclasts; Desktop designers; hoarders and recyclers; and iPod hackers.

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