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Run with the Mac Pack!


The Pearlescent Macintosh: Programming Graphic Design Tools with Perl
John†Labovitz, John Labovitz Consulting, LLC

Track: Programming
Date: Thursday, October 03
Time:†11:30am - 12:15pm
Location:†Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence

The Mac's history has been primarily interactive, while Unix's has been primarily programmatic. While the AppleScript language is useful for simple scripting, itís often less than ideal for real-world programming tasks.

Since every Mac OS X installation now includes Perl, we have the golden opportunity to incorporate the best of both worlds. Great scripting languages like Perl can be fused with great graphic applications. Imagine if your Perl script could create a ready-to-print publication in InDesign, render a chart in Illustrator, or manipulate an image in Photoshop.

John Labovitz shows you how to harness Perl, with all its features and freely available software modules, for writing both simple scripts and full-scale programs. Specifically:

  • Learn what Perl modules & techniques are needed to interact with Mac applications
  • Explore small Perl scripts that do simple, repetitive tasks
  • Dive into fully controlling a Mac application
  • Discover pitfalls & warnings along the way

  • Download presentation file

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