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O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
Mac Troubleshooting Dog.


Give Your iBook a REST
Matthew Barger, Montgomery County Public Schools

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Tuesday, October 28
Time: 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Location: Stevens Creek

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Due to its rich heritage from earlier versions of Mac OS, UNIX, and NeXTStep, Mac OS X is the ultimate amalgam of powerful developer toolkits, robust network services, and rich graphical interfaces. Unfortunately, each system brought with it a collection of data formats (files with embedded resources forks, bundled application packages, relational databases, property lists, etc.) that, when combined, can make even a seasoned, power user cringe. What we need to manage all these formats is a universal address scheme that abstracts away their differences; what we need are URIs.

This session focuses on leveraging the Apache web server and recent REST best practices to provide a local address space for all of your personal data, while still allowing you to use your favorite desktop applications. We’ll focus on creating a personal and portable, data warehouse that provides a distinct address for topics ranging from weblog posts and historical emails to recent contacts and past calendar items. You’ll learn how to search and aggregate your data, interweave it with other sources, expose it as a collection of simple web services, whilst logging your transactions for historical archiving.

Much more than a collection of hacks, this session, aimed primarily at power users, will forever change the way you approach, organize, and leverage your data. You’ll leave the session with the knowledge and scripts to implement a private semantic web on your laptop.

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