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O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
Mac Troubleshooting Dog.


The Future of Web Services Applications
Dan Wood, Karelia Software, LLC

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Tuesday, October 28
Time: 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Location: Stevens Creek

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The popularity of Desktop Web applications such as NetNewsWire, Aizai, Spring, and Watson have demonstrated that Mac OS X users demand a richer Web experience than a basic Web browser can ever offer. There is plenty of room to improve the Mac user's experience even further, both on the client desktop side and the server side.

On the client side, applications need to be built to connect to web services and take advantage of full-time or frequent connection to the Internet. Technologies for making this possible or even easier are available now, or on the horizon from Apple and third-party libraries. A lofty goal is to enable the user to completely avoid the web browser for many daily tasks.

On the server side, companies need to understand the benefits of providing Web services, much like and Google already have. Web services make it an easier job for the desktop clients, since scraping is a fragile technique; it's also possible to set up affiliate programs so that providing a service makes sense economically to a business. Web services also need to be envisioned for desktop clients as well as today's more predominant server-to-server paradigm, since desktop clients demand more interactivity than is needed in a browser.

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