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O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
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Put Up Your Internet TV Station Cheaply with QuickTime Streaming Server
Damien Stolarz, CarBot, Inc.
Brad Koester, opencast

Track: Media and Publishing
Date: Thursday, October 30
Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm
Location: Stevens Creek

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Everyone knows that the real obstacle to wide-scale QuickTime streaming is bandwidth cost. At last year's Mac OS X Conference I made a presentation on the subject of web casting with OS X, and I suggested bandwidth could be pooled together from a variety of cheap hosting services, making web casting far more affordable and removing the largest barrier to entry. One of the audience members contacted me afterwards and was excited about making it happen.

Since that time, he founded a non-profit organization called Opencast, which has sponsored the development of an open-source QuickTime streaming server plug-in for pooling bandwidth between cheap hosting services. The software was made possible by the open-source nature of the QuickTime streaming server and it's flexible plug-in architecture. The opencast plug-in, combined with the QuickTime Streaming server and QuickTime Broadcaster, helps people to create their own TV stations on the Internet and broadcast them affordably to large audiences.

Opencast is also donating large amounts of bandwidth to the cause of getting independent QuickTime video broadcasts on the Internet. This puts wide-scale web casting within reach for thousands of Mac users.

Anyone with a desire to stream video cheaply, interest in open source media development, or an interest in wide-scale web casting, QuickTime, or independent media, is encouraged to attend this presentation.

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