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O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
Mac Troubleshooting Dog.


Migration to Mac OS X, A Case Study of Higher Education Institutions
Philip Rinehart, Yale University
James Reynolds, University of Utah
Kristoffer Steinhoff, University of Chicago

Track: Sys Admin and Networking
Date: Wednesday, October 29
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: Stevens Creek

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Mac OS X began a new era for lab administrators. When Mac OS X was first released, there were no tools to deploy or easily manage Mac OS X. Then the Mac OS X Labs project began and twenty-five universities began collaborating on methods to deploy and manage Mac OS X in a lab environment. Mac OS X lab management is now possible, but the tools are still unpolished and the learning curve is steep. During this session, three important participants in the Mac OS X Labs project will share their expertise in three critical deployment and management issues:

James Reynolds details desirable automation tasks such as configuring the computer so that at every login, the computer looks and acts the same, including installing a clean home folder, setting display resolution, and resetting the printer settings. He discusses many other tasks that are performed at login, logout, startup, idle time, after maintenance runs, and specific times using cron.

Philip Rinehart explores the challenges setting up authentication and authorization, including using Kerberos v4 and setting it up for Mac OS X 10.2. He discusses setting up LDAP using OpenLDAP and Active Directory, and will show how to configure LDAPv3 using Directory Access.

Kris Steinhoff examines a few existing file system management strategies, then focuses on managing the file system using Radmind. He outlines what Radmind is, how it works, and some of the GUI tools that currently exist to manage Radmind. He also discusses some of the reasons why Radmind rocks, including the ability to manage computer labs on the opposite side of the globe.

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