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Boston terrier.


Modern Musical Improvisation via Ableton Live
Scott Tusa, Soltek Productions

Track: Digital Audio
Date: Tuesday, October 26
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Magnolia


Modern musical improvisation will be a workshop based around Ableton Live. Ableton is a program that allows you to incorporate sampling, midi, real time effects, and live instruments into a live show via laptop. Ableton can also be used if an artist wants a more intuitive way of sequencing and composing.

Ableton allows a DJ or musician full control over an electronic performance that could never quite be reached with previous sequencers. In the presentation we will go over basic functions of the program, such as; importing samples, looping and beat marking, Midi mapping, real time effects, and VST instrument improvisation.

After a brief introduction to the program we will spend the bulk of the time relating traditional improvisational techniques and some new ones that surface when improvising via computer. Participants will walk away with a greater knowledge of Ableton Live, and a greater understanding of a more intuitive approach to musical improvisation via computer.

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