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Boston terrier.


How To Run Your Own Software Business
Dan Wood, President, Karelia Software, LLC
Oliver Breidenbach, Boinx Software
Steve Dekorte
Steve Gehrman, President, CocoaTech
Brent Simmons, Owner, Ranchero Software

Track: Programming & Scripting
Date: Tuesday, October 26
Time: 10:45am - 12:20pm
Location: Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence


A software developer can get into the business of publishing their own software without needing to raise millions of dollars of venture capital. The members of this panel will describe their experiences in starting and running their own software business.

How to determine if you are the kind of person who is suitable for starting their own software business. What motivates you? Are you an experienced developer? Do you have the temperament for running your own business? What are you willing to risk?

Business Models
How to realistically look at how you are going to make money doing what you want. How much should you charge? How many copies can you expect to sell? Who are your competitors? What expenses will you incur? What are your contingencies?

Tasks to consider when setting up a business: company structure, distribution formats, legal issues, software licensing schemes, dealing with technical support, accepting payment, etc.

Publicity and Marketing
How do you get your application noticed and successful. Advertising, press releases, Web sites, building communities, etc.

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