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Boston terrier.


Utterly Simple Webcasting Hacks with QuickTime Streaming Server
Damien Stolarz, CEO, CarBot, Inc.

Track: Insanely Great Mac
Date: Wednesday, October 27
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence


Apple has made mainstream video conferencing a no-brainer with iChat, yet many people don't know how much video streaming power they have right on their Mac with the QuickTime streaming server.

For the many of us who don't intend to launch our own online TV station, this session highlights several crafty uses of video streaming: setting up a home surveillance camera, and even more importantly, streaming your home TV to the office when you get stuck at work!

Almost all of the technology needed to stream is built into items you have laying around your house - a mac, a DV camera, and a broadband connection. Unlock the potential of these devices and let them do their thing, bringing you the video you need where you need it!

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