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Boston terrier.


Real-Time Filmmaking on Mac OS X
Sean Fitzroy, Director, The New England Institute of Art
Vikki Merriman, Producer/Editor, The New England Institute of Art

Track: Insanely Great Mac
Date: Wednesday, October 27
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Santa Clara Ballroom


Sean Fitzroy and Vikki Merriman, winners of the 2003 Boston 48 Hour Film Project competition, explain the role of Mac OS X and Apple software and hardware in making an award-winning short film in just 48 hours.

The presentation will begin with a viewing of Pie in the Sky, an 8-minute long mockumentary short about a dot-com that tries to start an automated online pizza delivery service. The filmmakers will discuss the media management and work flow techniques that enabled collaboration between multiple editors and compositors, a composer, and a sound recordist that needed to quickly manipulate and exchange and work with large audio and video files.

Learn about the technologies that enabled the filmmakers to log and capture on the set, collaboratively edit the film and create animations on three networked laptops, record music directly into Final Cut Pro in real time, and even create a "mobile unit" so that the film could be output to tape in the car on the way to the drop-off point. The Mac OS X voice "Bruce" even has a supporting role!

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