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Boston terrier.


Objective-C for Java Developers
Stuart Halloway, Co-founder, Relevance LLC

Track: Programming & Scripting
Date: Tuesday, October 26
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: Lafayette/San Tomas/Lawrence


Apple's Cocoa framework for UI development exposes language bindings for Java and for Objective-C. Despite the much greater supply of potential developers on the Java side, most Cocoa developers prefer Objective-C. This talk introduces the Objective-C language, and compares it to Java.

We begin with working code examples that demonstrate the basic OO features of Objective-C. Then we move into the ways in which Objective-C provides some kinds of flexibility that Java lacks. Next, we will explore Objective-C’s important weaknesses. We will conclude with recommendations about how to choose between these languages for a particular project, and some musings about the process of selecting technologies for projects.

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